Teaching Methodology


1. Specially designed for State Board Students to win JEE/NEET exams.

2. Tried, Tested & Trusted Methodology of Kota system is followed.

3. Application-based Conceptual & Effective Classroom Teaching.

4. Fundamental learning-baed & well-researched Study Material with Comprehensive Syllabus coverage.

5. Personalized Doubt Removal Classes to enhance ‘individual’ learning.

6. Innovative & Examination Pattern-based Periodic Testing & Assessment System.

7. Theoritical learning consists of Theory coupled with important concepts / fundamental, formulae and is taught through solved / unsolved examples/illustrations and derivations.

8. The Faculty members take help from largely followed standardized Lecture Notes while delivering their lecture. This helps in synchronized teaching in all the batches across the course/study centers.

9. The assigned home work is discussed in the next class with interactive participation of the students.


Learning Environment


1. Disciplined Execution of Course Planning & Syllabus.

2. Interactive Approach to promote & solve/clear the doubts/concepts.

3. Continuous Performance Evaluation & Remedial measures to improve performance.

4. Continuous Competitive Benchmarking.


Student Welfare Programmes (SWPs)


1. Micro-Macro Level Performance Analysis & Communication

2. Counseling (Career, Exams & Health) & Motivation Programmes (CMPs)







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About us

The Academy has been promoted by service minded people having Entrepreneurship spirit to serve the society

In the past 10 years,Our Management Team has gone through nuts and bolts of Competitive Exams, studying various materials from renowned publications and institutions and discovered that the students can complete portions by studying lessor number of pages provided the course should cover all the fundamental concepts in the syllabus and the classes should be minimum so that the student will have more time to learn and practice

Founders Profile

Mrs. K.Chithra 

Post gratuate in Computer science and Post gratuate in Management.


Mr.K.Karthik Raj

B.Tech NIT Trichy

First place in National Maths Olympiod,

Currently pursuing PGP in IIM Ahmedabad