Performance Analysis

1. The  performance of a student is also analyzed and studied at Micro level (i.e. subjectwise, topicwise, questionwise etc. ) and special initiatives are taken to improve the performance.

2. Each periodic test helps in refining the preparation of students by highlighting their weak areas and accordingly measures are suggested to them.

3. The analysis report of the above is used to design and develop Knowledge (subject and fundamentals), Skill & Improvement Programmes.

4. The overall focus of the  Performance Analysis is on the improvement in the subject knowledge, understanding of the fundamentals behind scientific concepts, application of the concepts in propblem solving with speed & accuracy through rigorous practice and persistence.


Periodic Assessment Tests (PATs)


1. The objective of Periodic Assessment Tests is continuous assessment of the level of preparedness of student (own/comparative) and compelling him to study, practice and perform according to the requirement of JEE/NEET

2. The pattern of Periodic Assessment Test is as per JEE/NEET each carrying objective questions of all the three subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics/Biology in each paper.

3. However, sometimes Subjective Periodic Tests are also conducted to measure the fundamental based problem solving approach of the students. S

ince it develops an attitude to solve the problems in step-by-step manner; it is very helpful for regular school going students in terms of daily learning and to practice for writing school/board Examinations.

4. The performance in Periodic Assessment Tests reflects student’s chances of becoming successful in JEE/NEET.